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Danny, our fawn, struggles to navigate a route out of psychosis and make his way in the world, only to find a paranoid urban wasteland of temptation and danger filtered through sentinel CCTV.

Can he trust his guide, the glacial Dr. Miranda?

Are her appearances in his adventures transference or time travel?

Danny and Miranda will make this journey together in a multi-media slalom of fractured therapy and jump-cut fantasy until all but the truth is stripped away.


Longtime friendships buckle under the strain of jaded desire in a remote coastal cottage.


One last fling for the former It Girl. Death can wait a little longer…


In a room full of packing crates Molly & Tommy agree to throw a party.

They have become restless and flippant, expressing through fantasy the gulf between them, idealised partners distant relations to the real thing. Their plight is set into stark relief as we witness through flashback the journey from first love to disappointment.

As the party looms, and escape into comforting scenarios fails to satisfy, anticipation takes its toll on their brittle situation…


PETER lives in a chaotic, Heath Robinson fortified den in N7.

DORY, a lover from another time has happened upon him and is drawn back into his lateral and labyrinthine world.

Is he nuts? Is she his angel? Is PIOTR, her young boyfriend, a reincarnation of less complicated times?

You can cling to anything except the past.


CLEMMY lies on her death bed, cancer soon to finish its business. She has written to her ex-husband JACK, her former best friend LEAH & to LEAH’s daughter BECCA, asking to see them one more time.

LEAH & JACK, the jilted duo, are divided on what to do. LEAH, having cleaned up her boozy act, is hostile to any notion of seeing CLEMMY, not even to gloat. JACK, a practising counsellor, offers a more conciliatory tone. BECCA, wise beyond her years, gets on well with all the significant grown-ups in her life, particularly JACK, latterly an adopted paternal figure.

CLEMMY will learn the true meaning of unfinished business.

Blue Sky

A Downtown bar.

Slow night.

THE MAN’s NYC monologue – setting the metaphor.

SHE makes HER arrival.
HE spots HER, moves in.
Introductions, banter.
HE dances alone.
SHE finally takes a drink.
THEIR prior relationship unfolds.
A second dance – SHE joins HIM, the tender embrace.
THEY pull back.
The climax – will SHE, won’t SHE?
SHE leaves.
HE laments.
SHE comes back.
THEY depart together.

Dir. Jason Lawson-2005 Hen & Chickens Theatre, Islington

DOM, a wealthy architect, has had an intermittent relationship with MOLLY since she was 15. Now 21 and at university she has agreed to see him again. MOLLY is spiky and curt, DOM eager to please and generous with his old money, dispensed in crisp new £50 notes.

Meanwhile, DOM has struck up a bar stool tease with HOLLY, an American delighting in playing the elusive vamp to DOM’s seamless charmer. HOLLY is all look-but-don’t-touch, but is happy to receive DOM’s retainer.

MOLLY fantasizes about reporting DOM to the police for their previous under-age liaison, but continues to sleep with him and accepts his lavish gifts. HOLLY flirts outrageously with everyone, a trait which appals and fascinates MOLLY.

In time, a chance encounter unites MOLLY, HOLLY & DOM; cue the walls tumbling down.

Red Sky

“…so many little games…”
A woman joins a man in a quiet room.
What is their relationship?
Client and therapist – she brings stories.
His silence cranks her up.
In the world conjured up teem jaundiced encounters; the supporting cast a lowlife army.
Their virtues are few, and they smell – wealth no immunity. If it pays she’ll take it.
Rage is skin deep.
She drinks.
A long road.
In the vernacular of her circle she has “spoken” to the bitch who fucked her man.
There are harsh words for the therapist, another man. Every breath will be precious from now on.
And then it’s over, while they are both raw.
The therapist is her husband, the wife the therapist.
They are a shade nearer reconciliation, drawing the sting.
Ritual is bloodless understanding.
No less painful than fists, broken glass and blades…

Dir. Jason Lawson-2004 Hen & Chickens Theatre, Islington

Two lost souls slip into another room
praying to escape the madding crowd
only to discover there is no hiding place

Dir. Alan Freestone-2010 Hen & Chickens Theatre, Islington

Junkie Hell, an early Christmas Dinner, take your seat for the Lost Soul feast…

Dir. Jason Lawson-2005 Union Theatre, Southwark

A haunted old house and a haunted young man.


In a raw NYC apartment Gerry entertains a beautiful visitor for afternoon liaisons.

Champagne and chocolates fail to impress, nevertheless Sara strips for her host with scant persuasion.

Icy, disdainful and elusive, she fascinates him.

There will be no turning back…

Dir. Jason Lawson-2006 Hen & Chickens Theatre, Islington

Steamy clinches in an Upstate New York hospital.


You meet someone in a club, you like her, she likes you, you wake up to find her lying next to you, disrobed and sprawled all over your bed. Cue the end of your world.